Topic outline

  • Programme information

    The main purpose of this programme is to strengthen capacity of public institutions in the area of Land Management, particularly concerning the ability to effectively deliver services that would enhance people’s, and in particular women’s, land rights in a participatory and transparent manner.

    The purpose is also to develop competence of participating strategic individuals to carry out necessary reforms and organisational changes in the public land administration authorities. Also, the ITP is structured to create an environment for cooperation and partnership between different stakeholders with the aim of contributing to wider societal change processes in the participating countries.

  • Applied Land Governance East Africa ITP 311

    Programme round start date and end date: 2024-04-08 - 2024-12-31

    Countries eligible to apply: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

    Location: Phase 1 in Sweden, Phase 2 in participant's country and phase 3 in Kenya.

    Application period: The final application date has passed and it is no longer possible to apply.

    Maximum number of participants: 26

    Application process: Application is closed.