Topic outline

  • Programme information

    The aim of this Advanced International Training Programme (ITP) is to give an overall perspective of chemicals management, including the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of organising roles and responsibilities through legislation. It is specially designed for people qualified to participate in major reform processes on different levels and employed in ministries and authorities with a mandate to run change processes. 

    The programme offers support to enhance, adapt and maintain capacity over time in order for an organisation to define and achieve goals in both the short- and long-term. Participants will learn about the latest developments in their area of work under the supervision of skilled Swedish colleagues and experts, have the opportunity to develop a network of colleagues from other countries and enhance their knowledge of new working methods. The methodology used is based on the assumption that participant’s organisation wish to make changes and are willing to invest its own resources to achieve these changes. 

  • ITP320 Developing Strategies for National Chemicals Management

    Programme round start date and end date: 2023-02-07 - 2023-11-30

    Countries eligible to apply: Albania, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia

    Location: Phase 1 idigital, phase 2 in Sweden and phase 4 in one of the participating countries.

    Application period: The final application date has passed and it is no longer possible to apply.

    Maximum number of participants: 30

    Application process: Application is closed.