Topic outline

  • Programme information

    This international training programme (ITP) focuses on land related issues and should be viewed in light of the ability to develop trusted public administration with a clear mandate to enhance impartial, transparent and reliable services to society – a practical implementation of “good land governance” into Applied Land Governance.

    This programme aims to give participants new tools and knowledge on how to approach and elevate a settlement towards formal status with increased security of ownership and access to land as a result.

  • ITPLZ Applied Land Governance Liberia Zimbabwe

    Programme round start date and end date: 2023-12-01 - 2024-11-30

    Countries eligible to apply: Liberia, Zimbabwe

    Location: Sweden, participants country and another African country

    Application period: The final application date has passed and it is no longer possible to apply.

    Maximum number of participants: 30

    Application process: Application is closed.