304 MENA B Quality Infrastructure in Support of World Trade

Part 1: 30 August - 25 September 2015
Part 2: April 2016
Part 1: Stockholm & BoråsSweden
Part 2: in one of the participating countriesSweden
Number of participants
Target Region
Middle East and Northern Africa
Closing date for applications
May 13, 2015



The overall objectives of the programme are:
To provide information and training in establishing, maintaining and operating the national framework for international trade and quality infrastructure development, including preparation, adoption and application of technical regulations, standardisation, accreditation, certification, testing, inspection and quality assurance.

Target Group

Invited countries: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Yemen and representatives from AIDMO and the League of Arab States.

The programme is intended first and foremost for those involved in the decision-making process when implementing a quality infrastructure in their country in accordance with international agreements and requirements in particular issues and matters related to the establishment and operation of accreditation activities. Participants will typically come from ministries dealing with international trade, industry and commerce, conformity assessment bodies (standardisation bodies, certification bodies, testing laboratories, inspection bodies, metrology institutions or laboratories) and from accreditation bodies or national focal points for accreditation. Only candidates nominated by the appropriate organisation and in accordance with local rules will be accepted. Women are encouraged to apply.


The programme aims to provide participants with a more in-depth understanding of the following topics:
- the principles of international trade, with specific emphasis on the principles and practices embedded in the WTO TBT Agreement (rights and obligations, effect on participating countries, harmonisation and notification procedures, etc) and bilateral and multilateral trade agreements

- Preparation, adoption and application of technical regulatory activities and related conformity assessment procedures concerned with national and international trade, safety, health and environmental requirements

- The concept of quality (quality system development, ISO 9000, TQM, quality awards, etc)

- The role and use of accreditation, certification, standardisation, metrology, testing and inspection in national and international trade and as a tool for enforcement of national legislation

- The development of National Quality policies

- Development of National Quality Infrastructures (institutional infrastructures for standardisation, accreditation, certification, inspection, testing, metrology and quality assurance)



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