263 Electricity Distribution Management

Part 1: 22 August - 16 September 2011
Part 2: October 2012
Part 1: Malmö and Stockholm Sweden
Part 2: To be decidedTo be decided
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications
April 15, 2011


Within the energy sector, Sida supports efforts to improve the energy situation in countries where the population is lacking safe, cost efficient and suitable energy. Sida also promotes efforts to develop efficient and sustainable energy systems.

There is an extensive knowledge of electricity distribution in Sweden. Sweden has vast sparsely populated rural areas, which have been fully electrified. Sweden was one of the pioneers in the world of fully deregulate the electricity market, where generation, transmission and distribution are managed by state, private and municipally owned companies.

Sida has entrusted Grontmij International AB in cooperation with ÅF-Process AB with the task of carrying out the programme, which will be conducted in English.

We trust that you will find the training programme of interest and we hereby invite you to nominate candidates.

Women are encouraged to apply.


* provide know-how in electricity distribution, including rural electrification, financing, management and technical questions.

* create awareness of integrated approach towards electricity distribution in relation to energy supply, country planning, environmental
aspects and socio economy.

* transfer Swedish experience and Swedish technology to the participants' countries

* establish stable human networks and partnership mutually between participating countries and with Sweden

* establish Change Projects


Target Group

Selected countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Only candidates nominated by the appropriate organisation and in accordance with local rules will be accepted.Women are encouraged to apply.
The program will promote more than one candidate per country, representing different actors, with the aim to develop a network for a change project.Candidates are expected to show promising career prospects and have obtained a degree from technical, economical or similar faculty.The programme is addressed to candidates from:·   Organisations acting in the field of sustainable supply of energy, e.g. network operators, electricity cooperatives, contractors, NGOs, etc.·   The private sector, e.g. power companies.·   Governmental energy and development organisations.The participants will attend the programme in their individual capacities, but representing their home organisations and countries. The participants will attend the training programme in accordance with the schedule prepared by the host authorities and shall comply with the rules and regulations laid down for their training.The participants as well as their Change Projects shall be promoted by their organisation. The participants are expected to participate actively in the training programme, primarily with their Change Projects.Priority will be given to applicants who earlier not have participated in Sida’s international training programs in Sweden.Due to the character of the programme family members are not allowed to accompany participants to the programme. 


The programme will be divided into five phases:

(1)   The participants prepare theirChange Projects. Mentor support provided from Sweden.

(2)   Training programme in Sweden between 22 August and 16 September 2011.

(3)   The participants work with their Change Projects. Mentor support from Sweden.

(4)   A follow-up regional seminar in one of the participants’ countries  during one week in October 2012.

(5)   The participants finalise their Change Projects during one year.

Mentor support from Sweden.Three of the four weeks in Sweden will be held in Malmö and one week in Stockholm. 


The training will include different methods of instruction, such as lectures, exercises, group discussions, study visits and project work. Mentor support will be provided for the Change Projects. The support will be given at distance during phase (1), (3) and (5).


Management and staff

The programme is carried out under the management of Grontmij in co-operation with ÅF. Also KTH has an important role in the programme.


Important is a Change Project, which the participants shall be able to implement in his/her home country. The participants will be provided
support from mentors for their Change Projects throughout the almost 2 years programme.
The focus of the programme will be on electricity distribution, but also transmission, national system planning and small-scale generation will
be covered. The programme in Sweden will include the following main subjects:
- Basic overview: Electricity distribution, International trends, Kyoto protocol, Privatisation and deregulation of electricity markets
- Tools for follow-up: Life cycle analysis, Quality of supply, Risk analysis, Environment and socio economy
- Technical solutions for existing and future systems:
System balance, Cost efficient and robust systems, DSM and loss reduction, GIS, Metering solutions, Small scale local generation
- Organisation of electricity distribution: Business planning, Strategic planning, Management, Local distribution utilities, Marketing,
Customer service, Maintenance
- Businesslike conditions and market: Actors in the markets, Pricing, Financing incl. subsidies, Local isolated networks, Demand analysis &
load forecasting models, Strategies for electrification, Customer service, Invoicing
- Participation processes: Stakeholder analysis, social marketing, gender
- Strategic choice of development: Methods and criteria for selection of projects, Strategies for rural electrification, Criteria for sustainable
electricity supply, International financing & procurement rules, Consequence analysis
- Mentor support to the Change Projects: Support in groups



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