291a Private Sector Growth Strategies

Part 1: Start-up seminar, February 2016
Part 2: Training in Sweden, 11-29 April 2016
Part 3: Follow-up seminar, October 2016
Part 1: Each participating country
Part 2: Stockholm, Sweden
Part 3: One of the participating countries
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications


Our world is rapidly changing, and government and business leaders alike are at the sharp edge of this transformation. New technology, changing consumer preferences and the globalisation of markets are creating challenges and opportunities for businesses and governments in all parts of the world. The Private Sector Growth Strategies (PSGS) training programme aims at making you and your organisation prepared for facing these challenges: for nurturing, stimulating and developing opportunities in the changing business environment to the benefit of your country, by building a sustainable and competitive business environment and economy. The programme is closely linked to the Strategic Business Management (SBM) programme for business leaders and entrepreneurs.


The overall aim is to contribute to the development of a dynamic and sustainable private sector, and to strengthen collaboration between the private and public sectors for better functioning markets and improved integration in world trade.

Target Group

The programme is intended for high level professionals from national institutions and organisations in Liberia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

You and your organisation must have the mandate to develop and promote a sustainable private sector, to improve market functionality, and/or to stimulate greater integration in world trade.

You must have the potential to act as a change agent in your own organisation and at a national level. You should represent one of the following:

  • national governmental organisations
  • authorities and semi-government organisations and institutions
  • relevant civil society organisations, e.g. NGOs, business associations or community based organisations



The Phase II training course in Sweden has four modules:

 1. Private sector development: From the perspective of private sector development you will conduct national and institutional analyses and develop preliminary change projects and action plans.

2. Internationalisation and the global and regional context: An overview of the global context.

3. Strategies for enterprise development: Working for a better business climate.

4. Leadership for change management: Your personal leadership skills and role as a change agent




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