291b Strategic Business Management

Part 1: Start-up seminar, February 2015
Part 2: Training in Sweden, 20 April - 8 May, 2015
Part 3: Follow-up Seminar, October 2015
Part 1: In each participating country
Part 2: Stockholm, Sweden
Part 3: In one of the participating countries
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications


Our world is rapidly changing and business leaders are at the sharp edge of this transformation. New technology, changing consumer preferences and globalisation of markets are creating challenges and opportunities for businesses everywhere. The advanced International Training programme on Strategic Business Management (SBM) aims to prepare you and your company to face these challenges and to benefit from opportunities in the changing business environment for sustainable and profitable growth. The SBM training programme for entrepreneurs is closely linked to Sida's Private Sector Growth Strategies training programme (PSGS) for key public officials. Your input as an entrepreneur will be extremely important in the development of a common action plan for private sector development.


The overall aim is to contribute to the development of a vibrant and sustainable private sector, seeking to strenghten collaboration between the private and public sectors, for better functioning markets and improved integration in world trade.

The SBM programme is expected to provide:

  • knowledge and skills to enhance the growth and success of your own business,
  • insight into how to stimulate private sector development in your country,
  • capacity and tools to actively contribute to the development of a Common Action Plan, for private sector development in your country. This plan will be developed together with the participants in the linked training programme Private Sector Growth Strategies (PSGS) programme.

Target Group

The SBM programme is intended for business leaders from small and medium-sized businesses in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

To be selected you must have the potential to act as a change agent in your own business and also at a national level. You should be either a:

- CEO or top manager of a small or medium size enterprise or

- Manager of a significant and distinct department at a large enterprise with its own profit responsibility.

The top five applicants from each target country will be selected.

Networking and exchanging knowledge and experience are key components in the programme


Phase II training course in Sweden has four modules.

1. Market and business analysis:

A fact based analysis of the local/regional and international business environment in order to identify and prioritize your company's strategic opportunities.

2. Strategy development:

based on the outcome from module 1, you will assess and develop business strategies. These strategies will be the foundation of your strategic business plan, which is one of the main objectives of the programme.

3. Leadership for change implementation:

focuses on your personal leadership skills and your role as a change agent.

4. Common action plan for private sector development:

the private sector's role in economic development and in improving people's lives in general is examined in this module. Participants from both programmes (SBM and PSGS) will work together to develop a national plan for private sector development.



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