289c ICT and Pedagogical Development

Part 1:
Part 2: January 26 - February 18, 2016
Part 3: October 2016
Part 1:
Part 2: Karlstad and Stockholm,Sweden
Part 3: To be decided
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications
July 15, 2015


Sweden is a forerunner in application of ICT in education and public use of digital social media, and Swedish municipalities, schools and higher educations see ICT as an important factor in the process of change. Teachers and students are encouraged to use ICT and Internet based resources as support in education. The goal is to give everybody in the educational system access to, and knowledge about ICT, in order to make learning more inspiring, enjoyable, and efficient, thus enabling the students to achieve best possible results.

Sida has commissioned LIFE Academy to carry out this advanced training programme on ICT and Pedagogical Development. The programme will be implemented in cooperation with Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. We trust that you will find the training programme interesting and hereby invite you to nominate candidates.


The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to capacity building and the start up of change processes in the participants´ organisations in order to integrate ICT in educational policies and strategies at all levels of the educational system.

Target Group

Only candidates nominated by the appropriate organization and in accordance with national rules will be considered. The programme is primarily intended for decision makers, planners, teachers, managers and specialists qualified to participate in reform processes of strategic importance for the educational sector in their country.


The candidate should hold a position with authority to initiate and implement changes in the field of ICT in education. Candidates representing government organizations, educational institutions, private companies or NGOs at national, regional or local level are welcome to apply. 


Target regions: The countries invited with first priority to this programme are:Afganistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kosovo, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. However the programme is also open for other countries with potential and ambition for development of ICT in the educational system.


Change Project

A central component of the programme is the participant´s own Change Project addressing a relevant problem within the scope of the programme.The Change Project should be something the participant and his/her organization want to implement during the period of the programme.


The programme is divided into four interlinked modules:

 1. Visions for learning; International, national, and regional policies for education

The module provides an analysis of policies and visions for educational systems and lifelong learning. Specific focus will be on the role of ICT in in these policies. The participants will make an analysis of the policies from the UN and the EU, and also have a look at national and local policies.

 2. Managing change in education; Leadership, processes, and evaluation

The module provides participants with knowledge about how to use leadership and communication skills to handle change in the organisation.  This will also cover how, as a leader, you will create and implement processes to support policies and visions.

3. Interactive learning environments and digital inclusion

This module will give the participants a deeper knowledge of the new forms of interactivity which is offered by ICT. It will cover a number of different models for learning; from distance education (online learning) to technologically enhanced classroom teaching.

4. Support and tools for change

This module includes work on a Change Project in the participant’s home organization. The Change Project plays a central role in the programme and in this module the knowledge acquired in the other modules will be applied. The module also covers methods such as project management and social networking to support the process of change.




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