271 Human Rights Towards Gender Equality

Part 1: March 7 - April 1, 2011
Part 2: October 2011
Part 1: StockholmSweden
Part 2: To be decided
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications
November 15, 2010


Gender Equality is a complex and multifaceted process which includes everything and everybody: equal rights for women and men to pursue career and personal development; right to economic independence and decent living conditions; right to personal safety and free-of-violence environment; right to vote and be elected and among other things, to be respected and to take decisions about oneĀ“s own life.

Sweden has come a long way in improving the gender equality and the status of women in all areas of public and private sector development and can offer interesting experience for benchmarking.

The joint-venture of SIPU International and Uppsala University is very proud to host and implement the ITP on Human Rights towards Gender Equality and offers a wide pool of experts to ensure the quality of the Programme and the anticipated change.

We expect each individual participant to receive and utilize the knowledge on the internatikonal regulations regarding Human Rights, to apply and spread the skills of new methods of Gender Equality work, to increase ability to influence gender relations and poverty reduction and become a permanent promoter of Human Rights.

Anders Olin


SIPU International AB


The Programme seeks to strengthen the participant organisations capacity in the field of human rights and gender eqality and get increased knowledge on how to use tools for gender mainstreaming. Strategy for change will strengthen the commitment of organizations and institutions to invest in and institutionalize gender-sensitive change.

Target Group

Target countries: Ethiopia, Laos, Kenya, Tanzania and Viet Nam

Institutions and organisations which can impact on gender-related improvements either by formal/legal responsibility or general interest in promoting women's human rights are invited to participate. Individual participants are requested to prove interest in initiating change, invest time and efforts in new methods, take challenges and ability to lobby and strong leadership and training potential. Selection will be based on the principle of balanced representation of women and men.


The Programme and its training course in Sweden is based on four modules:
Module 1: Basics on Gender and sex, which presents the basic concepts of Gender, the stereotypes of masculinity and identity of men, sexual and reproductive rights, impact of HIV/AIDS and disabilities, right to life free from domestic violence, forced sex and risk of trafficking.

Module 2: Basics on human Rights for gender equality - presents theory and practice of all key declarations and the main strategies for poverty reduction.

Module 3: Methods of Analysis - presents gender budgeting and its contribution to the universal gender equality goals, history and concepts of gender budgeting, methods and forms of application.

Module 4: Change process: project work, networking, application - focuses on development of the strategy for change. Development of communication and networking strategy to lobby for human rights and sustain the change within participating organizations is another part of the change process.

The participant´s change project is the axel of the Programme and they have to be rooted in and supported by the home organisation/institution and consern a relevant problem in the field of human rights and gender equality. An approved change project is a very important criteria for qualifying.



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