309 ac Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation, Eastern and Southern Africa

Part 1: March 2021
Part 2: April 2021
Part 3: September 2021
Part 1: MozambiqueMozambique
Part 2: SwedenSweden
Part 3: Eastern Southern Africa
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications
August 9, 2020


SMHI hereby welcome organisations in Kenya, Sudan, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe to nominate candidates for the Advanced International Training Programme Climate change - Mitigation and Adaptation. The programme has a strong focus on agriculture and water resources, planning and communication of climate information.


The overall objective of this training programme is to combat the negative impacts of climate change on vulnerable people living in poverty by increasing knowledge, strengthening institutions, and developing capacity related to climate change in the co-operating countries. This shall be achieved through supporting processes of change in organisations responsible for taking national strategies/policies into action on national, district or local level.

Target Group

Only candidates nominated by the appropriate organisation and in accordance with national rules will be considered. The programme is primarily intended for individuals who have key positions in organisations related to national, regional or local community planning, who are actively involved in strategic decision making.


Candidates representing government organisations, private companies or NGOs at national, regional or local level are encouraged to apply. The candidates should hold an academic degree or have equivalent knowledge with at least five years of professional working experience. To achieve a good gender balance, applications from qualified women are especially welcome. Candidates who have earlier participated in a training programme financed by Sida cannot apply for this programme.


The programme has a strong focus on agriculture and water resources, planning and communication of climate information. The following topics will be addressed: Climate data

·         Climate change impact on water resources

·         Climate change impact on agriculture and forestry

·          Further climate change impacts

·         Vulnerability and risk assessment

·          International law, conventions and negotiation on climate change

·          Climate financing

·          Good climate change governance

·          Climate information services and climate change communication 

Each applicant or organisation is expected to formulate and implement a so called “Change Project” as an integral part of the programme. The project should address a real issue of concern to the organisation,



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