286a Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development

Part 1: May 4-22, 2015
Part 2: October 5-26, 2015
Part 1: Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden
Part 2: Zanzibar, Tanzania
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications
October 1, 2014


More than half of the Earth’s population is living in coastal areas and the population density here is the double compared to the global average. Coastal zones all over the world are exposed to serious challenges related to over population and to competitive use of resources and ecosystem services from activities such as agriculture, fishery, tourism, urbanisation and industry. Sensitive ecosystems and negative effects from climate change increase the importance of a sustainable development and the need for an integrated planning and management, where the needs and rights of vulnerable groups are taken into account.

Through the International Training Programme on Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development (ISCD) we aim at contributing to poverty alleviation, by supporting capacity building for an Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development. During the programme we strive to achieve an active and strong link to the participant’s professional area but also to strengthen the professional exchange between participants, enriching the programme through their different professional and geographical backgrounds.


The long term objective of  the programme is to contribute to an integrated sustainable development of coastal zones in which the needs and rights of  poor people are taken into account. This shall be achieved through supporting change processes in key organisations working with planning and  management of  coastal zones.

At the end of  the programme the participating organisations shall have

  • Increased understanding of  the importance and benefits of an integrated sustainable coastal planning and management for socioeconomic development, with respect to environmental impact, poverty alleviation and equality, in a livelihood; security and rights perspective. 
  • Increased knowledge about the planning process for an integrated
    sustainable coastal development. 
  • Increased knowledge about experiences, methods and tools for
    organisational change in general and within coastal zone management in particular. 
  • Extended international and national networks for working with coastal development.

Target Group

The programme is intended for key persons in organisations with a clear role in integrated coastal development e.g. central institutions, local authorities, private companies or NGOs.

Invited countries are Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique Myanmar, Tanzania and Vietnam. 

However, the programme is also open for applications from other countries with potential and commitment for an integrated sustainable coastal development.


The training programme is based on the participants Change Process (CP). The purpose of the CP is to implement a positive change in the organisation that will strengthen its contribution to coastal development and its work with ISCD related issues. The participants will analyse their situation and define a relevant change idea based on needs and opportunities in the home organisation. In a dialogue with superiors, colleagues and mentor, participants will carefully plan and implement the change.

The training programme has a focus on planning, sustainability, integration and participation and will address the following key topics:

  • The ecological, economic and social challenges of sustainable coastal development
  • The planning process
  • Legal and administrative mechanisms and good governance
  • Integrative and participatory approaches
  • Organisational Change



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