280b Public Service Management

Part 1: October 1 - October 26, 2012
Part 2: Spring 2013
Part 1: Stockholm and Hässleholm Sweden
Part 2: Regional part in Asia
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications
January 1, 2012


Public Service Management is a complex and multi-faceted process, which thoroughly influences the lives of all citizens in a country. If the work is carried out in a transparent way, it contributes to the development of trust and stability in the community.

Increased capacity to deliver relevant public services is a prerequisite for achieving the MDGs. Thus, Public Service Management is one of the most effective ways of fostering sustainable human development and achieving the MDGs. This Programme shall contribute to the ongoing reform process. It will increase the participants’ understanding of how to develop and perform Good Governance in practice and their ability to manage change. The participants will increase their knowledge of and share experiences on how public service can reinforce the democratic institutions, as well as how a well functioning public sector in interaction with other community sectors can influence growth and fair distribution.


The aim of the Programme is to contribute to the ongoing reform process in selected countries in Asia. After completing the Programme the participants will have

  • Insights in (1) Good Governance, (2) the collaboration and interaction between public sector, private sector and civil society; and (3) the collaboration and interaction between central and local government 

  • Knowledge of (1) Results Based  Management, (2) Public Financial
    Management, (3) Human Resource Management; and (4) new public demands and how these can be met
  • Ability to (1) carry out a change project, (2) practice good leadership
  • Sustainable approach to (1) gender equality in the public sector; and (2) environmental work in the public sector and environmentally sustainable development
  • Access to a professional network  for cooperation and sharing experiences between the participants and the countries.

Target Group

Decision-makers at intermediate to high levels in Ministries, authorities and other public organizations at central, regional and local levels are invited to participate. The selected participants should be responsible for, or have a mandate or ambition to pursue work of, change within the public sector. Special emphasis will be made to ensure gender balance among the participants.

The following countries have been selected for the  Asian Programme:
Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.



To make the Programme useful and inspiring, international, regional and Swedish perspectives will be combined. Meetings with representatives from different sectors of the Swedish society will give the participants a multi-faceted picture of the Swedish and European reality. The Programme is based on a number of intertwined modules.
These concerns:

  • Trends and Tendencies in the International Public Service Development,
  • The Swedish Model,
  • Public Administration & Democracy,
  • Public Sector, Private Sector and Civil Society - Fundamental Problems and Alternative Assignment of Roles,
  • Central and Local Government – roles and relations,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Public Financial Management,
  • Management, Control, Follow-up and Evaluation of Public Sector,
  • The Interaction between Public Service and the Citizens,
  • Reform Work and Change Management,
  • Leadership, and
  • Cross Issues like Equality and Environment including Climate, etc.



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