261 Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Part 1: February 28 - March 25, 2011
Part 2: One week in October/November 2011
Part 1: Norrköping Sweden
Part 2: To be decided
Number of participants
Target Region
Closing date for applications
October 29, 2010


Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation


This training programme is organised by SMHI in cooperation with SWECO and Stockholm Environment Institute.

The overall objective is to increase the knowledge about climate change and its consequences. The aim is to provide methods for identification of vulnerable sectors in the society, both in a national and an international perspective.

Adjustment to the future climate by the society and plans of actions to counteract climate changes is also an important part of the course programme.

Target Group

Persons active within: ministries, authorities (local/region/national), environmental institutes and research organisations, NGOs, consulting firms and industries.

The participants should have managing or key positions in their organisations, related to national, regional or local community planning.

They should be well-acquainted with climate change issues also from a perspective of adaptation of society and have technical/natural/social science degree on university level or other relevant education.


The programme contains a 4-week training course in Sweden and a follow-up seminar in Asia, Latin America or Africa. The training course includes lectures, group and individual exercises as well as study tours. An individual project work is an important part of the programme.

Each participant will, prior to the course, define a project or issue to work with. A supervisor appointed by the course management will guide the participant. Reporting and discussions on the individual projects will be done during the follow-up seminar.

The course will be built up around the following blocks:

  •  The greenhouse effect and the consequences of climate change
  • Human settlements, community planning including vulnerable sectors, interdisciplinary planning and cost benefit analysis
  • Effects on water resources and costal zones
  • Impact on desertification, agriculture and forestry, the need for preventive action
  • Climate and the energy sector
  • Strategic planning of potential positive consequences of climate change.
  • Information, education and public participation
  • Strategic planning to counteract the reasons of climate change
  • Strategic choices of development projects for a sustainable and strategic social planning, considering climate changes



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